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Up to 100 hp gains with Skunk2's BMF line of camshafts, our professional line of highlift and high duration racing camshafts for Honda's Kseries VTEC engines. BMF camshafts are designed to optimize topend horsepower and torque, with peak power moved up the RPM band. No other line of racing camshafts even comes close to Skunk2's BMF camshafts. Best camshafts for all out racing effort.

' 1 Lobe Forged Tool Steel Core
' Designed only for racing' no VTEC' locked out
' Profile optimizes area under the curve.
' Most powerful camshafts on the market
' Pair with Skunk2 Rocker Arms (P/N 348050100)
' Can only be purchased directly from Skunk2 headquarters
' Raise the bar, call in to order or for specifics on BMF1