HKS Super Sequential Blow off Valve SQV4 Black Edition Honda Civic Type R FK8 17+

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  • HKS Super SQV (Sequential Blow Off Valve) uses a unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, which allows a stable operation across the wide range of boost.
  • Now available in new colour - body and upper part painted with glossy black paint and funnel with grainy crystal black paint.
  • Factory recirculation valve sound cannot be noticed, but once HKS Super SQV IV is installed, its unique & sharp high frequency sound demonstrates its existence. Super SQV IV significantly increases its presence and improve the engine compartment appearance. To match with the appearance created by HKS Intercooler Piping Kit, the buff-polished casting pipe is included. By both the sound and appearance, Super SQVIV increases the fun to drive