Exedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit Honda Civic FK8 Ultra Fiber Clutch Set

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CLAMP LOAD (N): 10300


Originally from the Metal Disc Hyper Single type base, the Ultra Fiber Disc offers the characteristic of light clutch feeling while still offering a high clamp load capacity. This clutch system was designed for the comfortable use on the street as well as to perform highly for the circuit user.

The superior clutch feeling from the Ultra Fiber Disc
The clutch feeling from the Ultra Fiber Disc paired with the Hyper Single clutch design offes a superior shift feeling while still protection the transmission of damage and failure. The high clamp load capacity the comprehendible and light operatin feeling offers a clutch that can be easily used on the street and perform highly at the circuit.
Fade characteristics / Burst test results / Friction material wear rate

Pressure Plate Turbine to lower operation temperature and improve performance
Cooling in the clutch is promoted by adopting a turbine pressure plate, to improve fade-proof performance. The deterioration due to the heat warp is controlled by improving the pressure plate the rigidity.

Clutch cooled by airflow
The pressure plate easily climbs to high temperatures because the thermal capacity is smaller than that of the flywheel. Temperature fluctuation is caused by the contact of both sides of the friction disc. Increasing temperatures and fluctuation can lead to heat expansion and warping. Heat warping may happen easily because the thinner the pressure plate is, the smaller thermal capacity.

Clutch cooled by turbine
The amount of the air induction increases by the effect of the turbine of the pressure plate, and the effect of the air cooling heat radiation improves greatly. The pressure plate will not be easily heat warp because the temperatures of the friction disc and pressure plate fluctuate less due to the addition in airflow over the clutch system.

Pressure plate is coupled to clutch cover by strap plate

Improved sidengagement,(pressure plate is forcibly separated from facing surface by strap plate).
Prevents typical rattle noise of lug drive type clutch.